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The War 4 Honor [Rough Draft Finished]

Hi I am Ry. This story is about Zone of Zones. The powers of this picture you see are the power of eight people who were once rulers of the Zone of Zones. That all changed as I introduce you to "The War For Honor". Enjoy and Thank You for reading this. [This will be a continued story of a landing spot page.] ENJOY! This Story Is Fantasy And Not To BE Taken Serious because Zone.

Storyline Intro: The Tribe had 8 Ultra Elite Members. The UEM was strong through out the Zones until a split occurred. The Dynamic Deadly Duo was torn apart by the Mutated Queen. The Queens joined forces to destroy the Lightning Leader. They were successful in assassinating him. The Tribe had died and a New Empire rose in power called the Ultra Empire Nation. The UEN. Ryku was pronounced dead and the only cure known possible is from the Medz Man. You Are Currently in the Time of 20ZZ The War For Honor.

However he's part of the UEN as a member of the Eternal Four with Sethorus. Sethorus didn't…

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