The War 4 Honor [Rough Draft Finished]

Hi I am Ry. This story is about Zone of Zones. The powers of this picture you see are the power of eight people who were once rulers of the Zone of Zones. That all changed as I introduce you to "The War For Honor". Enjoy and Thank You for reading this. [This will be a continued story of a landing spot page.] ENJOY! This Story Is Fantasy And Not To BE Taken Serious because Zone.

Storyline Intro: The Tribe had 8 Ultra Elite Members. The UEM was strong through out the Zones until a split occurred. The Dynamic Deadly Duo was torn apart by the Mutated Queen. The Queens joined forces to destroy the Lightning Leader. They were successful in assassinating him. The Tribe had died and a New Empire rose in power called the Ultra Empire Nation. The UEN. Ryku was pronounced dead and the only cure known possible is from the Medz Man. You Are Currently in the Time of 20ZZ The War For Honor.

However he's part of the UEN as a member of the Eternal Four with Sethorus.
Sethorus didn't want to betray Ryku, instead he felt Ryku betrayed him.

Story Breaks:
 [Story Breaks Describe What's Going On In The Scene]

[~Flashback~] Describes a event that happened before the War for Honor.

[Battle Scene]

[ { } ] OPZ insert talking direct on scroll.

[The Scroll Defined] [Main Characters Of Scroll 1]

Sethorus [Green North Star]
Weaponry: Mighty Mind, Duplication, Clone, Body and Soul
Elemental Power: Wind and Flash.
BIO: has the power of the mind and the will of control to summon in clones of himself with the ability of replication through a flash infusion power he developed through his mind. Sethorus also has the ability of duplicated his body from his soul and having control of both.

Medz Man [Blue Star]
Weaponry: Magic Hands, Healing Hands. Bricksteel Hammer.
Elemental Powers: Healing and Fire.
BIO: was the leader of the Lost Tribe. Killed instantly by Ryku when he was caught talking to the Queens he found a way to resurrect and became the most powerful healer of all the zones. Now his quest to cure all and spread his power to the ones needed.

Queen Heathen [Dark Six Star]

Weaponry: Her Body and Claws. Deadly Spells. Already Dead.
Elemental Powers: Fire and Wind
BIO: became the leader of the undead. Having the power of a vampire and that of a sorcerer she was the most powerful Queen of them all. The ability of fire and wind was no match for anyone with her combos of magic of all spells. The Queen Heathen entered the Zones but saw flaws in the system and wanted people of the Tribe and the Zones to know the truth behind the Zone of Zones and the story of OPZ. She raised the dead to fight off the tribe as the two Queens rushed the throne to kill Ryku.

Queen Tyrema [False Leader]

Weaponry: Rebuilt Fake Mutated Body
Elemental Powers: Skunk Powder.
BIO: became the leader of the No Faith Slayers who dominated the Zones and burned a bunch of Zones to the ground. Destroying Zone after Zone her plan for domination was to destroy every zone. Very powerful she has the power of seduction and slavery. She is the most followed Queen of them all as she has multiple armies backing her. When she killed Ryku with the help of Heathen they became a deadly duo and now lead the Empire. She sent her forces at Ryku so she would never hear from him again.

Praisey [Pink Heart]
: Love Staff - Can create any weapon imaginable
Elemental Powers: The Power Of Love, Darkness Hidden Power.
BIO: became loyal to the Tribe. The Queen of all Angels. OPZ blessed her with the strongest heart in the Zone. She loved the Tribe for it protected her and her love as she was focused on one passion and that was her craft. The craft of love. She wanted everybody to know what LOVE was and what it stood for and she claims everybody has forgotten about LOVE. She even claimed Ryku forgot about love and Ryku agreed as he gave into hate and the hate like poison destroy him. Praisey is trying to find out a way to resurrect Ryku.

MattU [Grey Tri]

Weaponry: Dark/Light Blades.
Elemental Power: Darkness and Light.
BIO: became the Prince of Darkness and the Prince of Light. Very dangerous. Becoming both is able to build a very strong army. They oppose the Empire for Destroying Zones. He wants to protect the Zones. Still alive he is hiding from the Great Empire that is destroying Zones until Ryku returns. MattU has the Dark Blade and the Light Blade which is black and white. Them blades combined can slice through anything. Combined or Duo they are both deadly and top of the chain of weaponry in the Zones.

Anlew [Teal Diamond]

Weaponry: The Infinite Power And Infinite Arrows
Elemental Power: The Whole Rainbow Of Elements.
BIO: became the most powerful Women Warrior of the Zones. Her ability with her glasses on can manipulate anything she sees. She has the weaponry of the Bow and Arrow with infinite arrows of infinite powers. She has a will to serve and won't strike anybody until they strike her first and the Queens have never dared to strike her so Anlew is stuck in a stalemate as she watches Ryku die. However-
With her ability she can put the soul back in his body and resurrect him in the Zone. However when she tried with her glasses she received a headache instantly and couldn't concentrate.

Liza [The Force] 

Weaponry: The Blades Of Time. (Can create zone warps)
Elemental Powers: The Secret Power. (It's Unknown)
BIO: became the leader of the shadowed sorcerers with a level to reach you must be beyond supreme elite so their was only a few of them. Nobody knew how many because it was a Secret Society of the Shadows They became the most deadly warriors in combat in any number of participants. In packs they travel Zone to Zone looking for monsters to kill and anything that opposes a threat in killing the Zones. The fall of mankind was upon them and they felt the wrath of Zones being destroyed when three of their members were killed when a Zone was destroyed. Finding the Tribe they tell her the terrible news about Ryku.

Ryku [Yellow Bolt]

Weaponry: The Bolt Blades, The Lightning Daggers.
Elemental Power: Ice, Lightning, Water and Fusion.
BIO: was the LEADER of the most elite force that OPZ ever created. Upon dying he was very powerful indeed. The power of water and lightning combined of such amount would kill regular people. The power of the mind of manipulation and many felt he was the wrong leader for the role of being the pedigree for his madness. His chaos was out of control as himself destroyed Zones before and burned bridges he dares to never cross again. The power of Love left him and the power of Hate entered him as he perished for it.

The Elite 8 together were they most powerful thing in the Zone of Zones now split up a War has occurred and the Empire is out to Destroy all the Zones so the existence of the Zones never exist again.

Hello. We have been expecting you. I am OPZ and let me tell you a story what happen when I decided to create the force of ultra Powerful Humans. I send scrolls down such as you Humans call Chapters. I reveal the STORY online and ONLINE only. This is the story of my creation of the Zone of Zones.

Chapter 1 Total Annihilation:
The War has started. The Tribe will be wiped out.

[Scroll-1:1] "Get ready!" - The power of mutation entered Tyrema as the Queen became the most elite ultra human inside the Zones. Deadly Duo killed Ryku. My creation is dead. The people of the Zone are debating whenever to bring him back to defend the destruction of nonexistence. The Debate continues.

MattU: We must awaken the Slayer, Even though he's the darkest entity of this Zone.

Praisey: We will not be available to do it without Medz Man.

Liza: We all going sit here and die and debate the only chance of our existence to continue is him!

Praisey: We must think about this because Zones are being destroyed.

Liza: The twisted are wicked. We must awake Ry now!

Praisey: I agree!

MattU: I agree but their is a darkness that surrounds him he could destroy us all.

Praisey: We either die from the invasion or we take our chances of changing Ryku and becoming the saviors of the Zones.

MattU: This all risky and not to mention wasted man power. Ryku my boy and all but we talking two powerful Queens and all the healing they want to survive.

Praisey: There is always hope.


The Debate Continues. A Clash Begins.

     An arrow comes out of nowhere as it hits the table of the three debating whenever to bring back Ryku. The impact of the arrow left a magical spark that caught the attention of all three of them. It was Anlew as she said to the three, "We must find him, We must find his soul it's our only chance for existence you fools! Those twisted Queens are going to kill us ALL! We must fight!"
    However MattU was confused by this and whipped out his blades quick. Anlew gasped as she quickly drawn for a magical infinite arrow. She sprung in action and shot the arrow quickly at MattU as he blocked it with the swipe of defense from both of his blades.
     "Enough you two! I think she's right MattU and Eliza we must revise Ryku and have him fight the Queens." Praisey said, As she waved her arms in the air. "I am afraid he is not OPZ choice to be the one that defeats the Queens." Shouted an unknown visitor as the four focus their attention on the visitor.
    "Hi I am Betharouge. I hold the paintbrush of magical powers. I also weld a blade that's forever attached to my hand that has the power to will cut through anything and has the ability of becoming any elemental I choose. I bring you news from the OPZ as he has chose me to become the split prophet of both parties.
    "The OPZ has chosen Hailz to become the Queen of the Zone and to dominate the two Queens with another Queen by her side. However she needs the reformation of the Tribe for help. The Tribe must become 2.0 in order for the prophecy to become fulfilled."

[Scrolls 1:3] A New Message, A New Hope

A new message has came down from the OPZ.

"To seek the cure you must find the Zone of Darkness inside that Zone there will be the cure of Lightning Juice that's sealed in a tube that will awake the Ry and it will bring a new fusion power called the 'Storm Element' he will evolve into another super being."
     Bethrougue said as the OPZ used her body to speak in a weird robotic voice.

{Law? There is no LAW in the Zone of Zones. Chaos has broken loose and there is no ORDER. I keep on having these flashbacks of memories.}


Ryku: I think I am in love with Heathen. 

Tyrema: You fool she don't love you back.

Ryku: I don't care my heart is with her.

Tyrema: Your heart is black as oil and you are the worst of the worst.

Ryku: I will persuade my love for her.

Tyrema: You making a big mistake she will hurt you.

Ryku: So be it. I rather have true love than no love at all.

Tyrema: You fool I will break you if you double cross me.

Ryku: Is that a challenge?

Tyrema: It's a promise that I will always keep.

Ryku: I am sorry my love is for somebody else.

Tyrema: You wasted my time with this foolishness and the Zone's time with this nonsense and pretending to be the greatest!

Ryku: I just wanted to show people that I will fight for them for any battle that they have, they can count on me.

Tyrema: You are the biggest fool of them all.

Ryku: I will get my revenge on those who killed Kam. I will kill them all.

Tyrema: Heathen has poisoned you, You are not the same, your love for me is tainted and filled with hatred!

Ryku: I still have love for you but I am in love with the Queen of Darkness.

Tyrema: She has a spell on you, can't you snap out of that?

Ryku: I have the free will to choose whoever I want to be with and I cause I love pain.

Tyrema: You fool!

Ryku: I must go now, I must protect the Queen from the invaders.

[End of Flashback]

"If we die, we die with dignity. We superior warriors are the most elite force that has ever been seen." MattU tries to pump up and encourage the rest of the Tribe that there is still hope. Their mission was to find Ryku's body.

Scroll 1:4 The New Power, Ultimate Twist
Chess Match Of The Century

Tyrema the Queen who took power over all of Darkness made an announcement to the new Empire. However Queen Heathen her so called successor was not impressed.

QuTy: You will now all address me as QuTy!

Heathen: What is wrong with you?

QuTy: Silence number 2!

Heathen: Number 2?

QuTy: You disobey me?

Heathen: I will destroy you! You are not my mother!

QuTy: How dare you talk to me like that!

Heathen: Where's my black ORB you promised!

QuTy: (chuckles) You fool!

     [B] Heathen leaps soon as the words fool came out of QuTy's lips and sprung her legs on QuTy's shoulder and wrapping her legs around her neck quickly. Moving fast as the wind with force sped up the cartwheel swing she crushed QuTy's neck on the ground with a dynamic impact with blazing fire around her legs as she was performing her maneuver.
     She then quickly bites her neck off. Killing QuTu and taking her head and raising it to all the Undead Warriors screaming the speech of the new Queen of the Empire!
     "I will kill OPZ! I will kill them all! I am the Dark Six and I am the most powerful Queen that ever step foot in this ZONE! Together minions and vampires and the mighty mighty undead warriors we will conquer all the ZONES and bring MISERY!"

{The Undead cheered as darkness was more powerful then ever before. I have lost touched with the prophets nobody believes in me no more. My creation was causing so much chaos it was destroying the Zones. I must do what I must do to save the Zone. Its time to bring back Ryku but how?}
    "The message was clear to me in the dream. The OPZ talked to me, He told me the secrets of the society and the codes to pass through the complicity of our own existence."
     I am "Hailz" Color me purple!
   Hailz separated herself from the Tribe as she felt overwhelming power and the message from OPZ was so clear and powerful that felt she could kill Heathen and become a Queen Savior.

[B] Hailz heard a voice say do not engage you are not ready but she ignored it and challenged Heathen right away for her life.

Hailz: Hi there DEAR!

Heathen: (chuckles) Who are you?

Hailz: They call me Hailz! 

Heathen: You dare challenge me?

Hailz: I do more then challenge you, I will crush you! 

     Both ladies look each other down as Hailz whips out a blade and charges Heathen. Heathen grows wings and flies over Hailz as she cuffed her hand and blew a dark powder dust that fogged her sight as she gasp for air barely breathing. Heathen then grew very large claws and started swiping out Hailz, flicking blood everywhere as she strikes her nine times as Hailz hits the ground. Fire starts to light in Heathens eyes as she raises her hand and blasts a fireball from her palm with enough power to burn Hailz to a crisp as she instantly perishes from Heathens wrath. Heathen laughs out loud and claps her hands together and then flies away.

Scroll 1:5 The Queen Can't Die


Heathen: Your silly. 

Ryku: I dream of stars everynight, I watch them as they burn in the sky.

Heathen: We are a good team hun.

Ryku: I love you so much.

Heathen: You know I can't love you.

Ryku: I will always love you.

Heathen: You will die with guilt. Why love me.

Ryku: When I killed Khanis Army I felt a power, I never felt before and I loved it. 

Heathen: Your funny.

Ryku: I felt like I was invisible, however I am the reason why Kam's dead.

Heathen: Don't blame yourself you did the best you could.

Ryku: I could of DONE MORE! 

Heathen: Settle down hun.


Heathen: You already slayed them all.


Heathen: It will be okay please love me.

Ryku: I am sorry.

Heathen: It's okay give me a hug.

      Lost Transmission: You must awaken him now we all will die and life as we know it will not exist!

    Heathen, I am the Queen of Darkness. I want to destroy the Zone because the people have been lied too as well as the tribe. Ry is a control freak by brainwashing people in believing in OPZ who is made up and created by Ryku to fool the people of a greater higher power. The Tribe was even swayed when Ryku praised his operation of OPZ. Giving these people false hope being afraid to die when they can reconnect through the zone. We don't want to suffer anymore. We must be set free from the Zone of Zones. I am in the right for wanting to end this misery that I was created in. OPZ is false and the prophets are liars. I am the one you should seek and I will set you free by taking your soul and releasing it.
     In the form of smoke Ryku's spirit appears and talks to Heathen. "Surprise my little boo. My ghost killer. I saw what you committed and the OPZ is real bimbo and he guides us all, living or dead. How could you be so heartless? I saw you reach for the haste. Reaching deep in the belly of the beast! I told you it runs deep in the both of u. I told you we were separated at birth.
     "More lies from Ry!" Replied Heathen angrily. 

    She quickly swipes the smoke with her infested claws but the smokes fades away as Ryku disappears when she swings. "Get out of my head you born rotten false prophet" Ryku appears again in the mirror and yells, "I AM NOT A PROPHET!"
     Heathen quickly swings at the mirror shattering it to pieces as Ryku disappears.
    "Come out and fight me like a real man! You coward!"
     Ryku appears in the windows as Heathen throws a fireball through the glass as Ryku disappears again.
    Heathen gets very irate as she screams as Ryku appears in a Picture as the oil starts dripping from the wall as he speaks, You know I am not in my body yet but when I return I will be sure to give you my best battle." Ryku said as he faded away in the oils of the painting.
     Heathen chuckled and said out loud, "Ry I will destroy you, even you know deep inside you are no match for me for I have your soul, heart and mind. You are my little pet forever and you will help me kill that precious stupid glossy woman who pretends to be all about love.
   In a wind whisper Ryku replies, "Neeeeeeeever!"
   Heathen slams her heel on the ground shouting, "I will kill you both then!"
    The Tribe was destine to find a way to resurrect Ryku so he can stop the chaos of destruction inside the Zones. Heathen was out her highest peak of power and killing everyone in sight or anybody that got in her way. The Tribe find a women warrior named Emerce who was the soul survivor of her own Tribe. Hiding from the scavengers and the Empires forces she is discovered by the Tribe. The Tribe was gaining strength as they roam to find Rykus body. Emerce was a warrior with the wooden staff that had elements of lunar moonlight beam and solar beam. She was very happy in seeing the four of the Tribe. The Tribe was now at five as they celebration of growing stronger was cut short as they came across Heathen. This was trouble.

Praisey: Where's Ryku's body!?!?!?

Heathen: Wouldn't you like to know.

Praisey: You know it doesn't have to be this way.

Heathen: Tell him to quit asking me to join the force again.

Praisey: The force? The tribe? 

Heathen: He's a fool. He's leading you all into doom and the OPZ is a lie! 

Praisey: We have faith in our leader!

Heathen: What's faith in a place like this? The Zones are garbage! This is total chaos with no strict order! 

Praisey: You hold no grudge with me! Why be like this? 

Heathen: You think I am stupid? I see right through your love.

      Anlew had enough as she quickly shot a elemental lightning arrow towards Heathen but she catches it with her hands and crushes it as her claws start to grow out. Heathen was dark and had a shade of red lipstick that was glowing red as their was black ooze running down her face. Heathen created a portal and dashed out.

Praisey: That coward.

     [B] Then from behind Praisey a portal appeared and Heathen came and slashed her from behind. "You know his heart belongs to me and I will take it soon and destroy you all" She said in a fast pace as she was kicking Praisey. MattU felt like he couldn't strike her for moral reasons. Anlew quickly darted in front of the Tribe and shot off another magical arrow this time a blazing fire arrow that spirals through the air creating a thick black smoke around a huge fiery spark that was hard to block. Heathen took the arrow straight to the left shoulder as it knocked her back. Emerce quickly ran to the top of a huge rock as she climbed it then dashed towards Heathen as she delivered a rocking punch to the skull that knocked her down. Heathen felt the crunch of her skull as her skull was know broken. She snapped her neck and laughed and then delivered a uppercut as she was getting up from the mega punch. She delivered a striking uppercut to Emerce but paid for it when she was still in motion as Anlew created vines that came from the ground with the use of her glasses. Heathen was tied up. Suddenly Bizzaro. The evil undead white sorcerer helped Heathen out of the mess with his Dark Blade. Now there was two as the ground started shaking a bright light appeared and it was Sethorus. The wind started to pick up as a twister came out of nowhere as the Medz Man busted out of the twister when it came to a halt. Medz Man was now in the battle with Sethorus. Heathen saw an opportunity as the Tribe was distracted from the two great warriors and Bizzaro. So she sprouted her wings and grabbed Praisey as she was going take her to an isolation area but a portal appeared out of nowhere as they both enter the portal and crash into a new zone. 

    [B] Sethorus and Medz Man look each other and give a nod then they rush MattU but were blocked by Liza and a spawn of four shadows. Sethorus started duplicating bodies quick as they started dashing towards the shadows and finally overwhelming them with multiple clones the shadows were finished off. However ripping through the clones with her powerful blade Liza was killing all the clones one by one as Sethorus was aware his clones were dying at a rabbit rate he called from Medz Man to cure his clones. Medz Man was too busy dodging Mattu swings from his Dark and Light blades. This fight was huge as Bizzaro was battling Emerce as her mega strikes were taking a toll on Bizzaro. Medz Man and Sethorus were in a battle for their lives at this point as they were out numbered by high class without Heathen. Sethorus is drained from his power to make clones as Liza as killed them all. She squints her eyes at Sethorus and then rushes him as she dashes he teleport with a flash to avoid the striking slash of her blade. She then squints again and regains control of her blade as she points it at Sethorus's skull. Then she dashes once again this time releasing a shadow figure to counter the teleport as she did that she faked strike and waiting to see where he would teleport at by doing this by sending the shadow in first for the swiping attack as he did teleport with the fake of the shadow attacking he teleport in a spot where Eliza stuck his blade deep in him. Liza killed Sethorus. Medz Man watched  as he screamed in rage and quickly tried a phoenix down spell to awaken his buddy but to no prevail. Medz Man then suffered the same fate as Mattu stepped away as Anlew delivered an lightning bolt arrow straight through Medz Man killing him instantly as the arrow bolt went through his brain. Bizzaro ran like a coward away from the Tribe as they just slain two great warriors. A big bright light appeared and it started to speak. "Sethorus and Medz Man will be placed in the SETSPIT a Zone that is connected to the Zone of Zones. We call the Zone of Zones ZOZ for short for it is define as the Home Zone of all Zones. I spare lives for the tragedy of war. Unless you are casted in the void there is no help I can provide. I am the OPZ. As the voice fades away the Tribe all look each other as they realize Praisey and Heathen are gone. 

    Scroll 1:6 The First Fight [Flashback]   
The first fight between Ryku and Heathen 
Heathen: I think the Tribe is getting too powerful. You should of released Praisey in the wild like you did Tyrema.

Ryku: Tyrema betrayed me and the council and she knows why she did the actions she committed.

Heathen: Poor decisions.

Ryku: Would you like to run it, I would grant you the position  leader.  

Heathen: If you want to see this Tribe burn down to the ground and go into complete chaos then be my guest I will lead.

Ryku: You have no faith, you are shadowed in the cloud of doubt. You are the best leader I have seen in decades.

Heathen: You don't know me Ry. I have my demons.

Ryku: Them demons you have conquered. The love I see in your eyes is a burning passion of desire to lead and conquer. 

Heathen: You know nothing of me and don't see anything.

Ryku: You can lead, I have the trust in you and I trust you.

Heathen: I don't think I can say the same for you. 

Ryku: I desire nothing but the truth and the truth is I will keep my promise of protecting you.

Heathen: Will you? We shall see about that in the future!

Ryku: What does that mean? 

Heathen: I know you and Praisey have a thing. 

Ryku: Yeah right, she is simply loyal to the Tribe. 

Heathen: You won't release her in the wild! 

Ryku: We will be weak without her. The masses would gather and kill us all in a instant without her. 

Heathen: You just won't admit that you love her. 

Ryku: I love you! I told you this and if you want to lead then lead it! 

Heathen: Trying to hand me the leadership twice, I told you, I don't want to lead this Tribe! 

Ryku: It's nothing you can't handle, you are clouded with doubt like I said and you don't even trust yourself and I place trust in you. 

Heathen: Do you tell me all your secrets. 

Ryku: Every damn secret I have! 

Heathen: You are a liar! 

Ryku: I wouldn't lie to my Queen! 

Heathen: I am not your QUEEN! You are the leader! You are this so called Master of the Zones! 

Ryku: So be it, I will lead. The decision is final I will not release Praisey! You two are powerful together! What is the deal there! 

Heathen: Nothing. I just don't think it's fair that's all. 

Ryku: Fair? I gave them both shots and she chose to define the council and do as she pleases by breaking seven rules! You even said so yourself! 

Heathen: How do you know me when we just met in this forsaken place! 

Ryku: Why are you so negative! 

Heathen: Because I am guided by a meathead who I didn't want to join in the first place that filled my head up with all this garbage of capability that I simply do not have!

Ryku: When I first met you. When you wanted my friendship. You told me you liked my sarcasm. How I held my own. You would never hide anything from me would you? 

Heathen: You know you are the OPZ and I know you know my secrets! For that you are a stalker! 

Ryku: I am not the damn OPZ! Me and you consist of the OPZ but guess what so does everybody else. We were created by the OPZ and I had to tell you that to make you believe so you wouldn't exit the ZONE by taking your LIFE! 

Heathen: I don't want your stupid pity for me! 

Ryku: It's love dammit, it has nothing to do with feeling sorry for you! 

Heathen: You are foolish to love me! 

Ryku: I had the Zones in my pawn but I traded them all for you. For a person that I fell in love with of not the body but of the mind, soul and heart for that I will be punished for the rest of my life. 

Heathen: You try to be sweet but you are the most grouchiest person I ever met in these damn Zones! 

Ryku: hmm. So be it, lets see you try to lead the most Elite Tribe in the universe of the Zones. Battle after battle I prove my worth as I shine above the rest but for what, what glory is in it for me. Just another day I can breathe and this my payment for loving you. 

Heathen: You have no desire to love me. You want to use me and just shield yourself from what is really clouding you. You have your demons and you want me to slay them for you and confront you and be their for you every waking second of the day but I have a life too in this awful Zone and I chose to live it without you but there you are popping up when I get caught up in a mess. In a battle where I was left for dead, there you are to rescue me and kill the predators that tried to kill me. Leaving me for dead and you come swooping me and save me just so I can live more in misery. 

Ryku: I don't know what to say.

Heathen: That's just it when I hit you spot on you don't know what to say because you know it's true! 

Ryku: How can you not love something but set standards for it? 

Heathen: I can do what I want. 

Ryku: You love me? 

Heathen: No I do not love you. 

Ryku: Why would you take your life for me? 

Heathen: I wouldn't, you are a waste of space in this Zone. You make me feel worthless! 

Ryku: You are not worthless! I try to build you up! 

Heathen: You break me down! 

Ryku: I try to make you stronger! 

Heathen: You hurt me to the point that I want to live and you call that LOVE? 

Ryku: All I wanted was for you to be there for me in any battle I was fighting. Every battle I was there for you! EVERY SINGLE BATTLE I was there protecting you and made sure nobody touched you! Did he do that? Would anybody do that for you? I would go after anybody who touched you! I would destroy anything that thought they can destroy you! I would defend you until I died! Then I was in two major battles that both could of took my life not to mention losing one of my fellow comrades in battle that happens to be BLOOD! I won that battle then I had to face a GIANT cyclops and all I get is a sorry and then after I somehow defeated him and survived the battle you hid the fact that you were taken! 

Heathen: I didn't want to be! 

Ryku: WHAT!?!?

Heathen: I did that to hurt you! 

Ryku: How could you do this to me when I shot everybody down and lost one of my favorites and a person that stood by me in my past wars when you weren't even in the picture yet! 

Heathen: You hurt me! 

Ryku: You came in my life! You wanted my friendship! You came in my life! 

Heathen: You drove me crazy and you expected so much out of me at the same time. Battle this, battle that. Constantly fighting and you think I just want to battle everything when I have another craft to work on that I was working on since I was born in this Zone! 

Ryku: I saw potential! I saw the most dominant women warrior there could be in this Zone. 

Heathen: You probably said the same to Praisey! 

Ryku: I want the best out of everybody! That's why we are the most elite around these Zones! 

Heathen: You use me as a scapegoat, a punching bag. When you can't fight all these warriors that you destroy in a instant you fight me! 

Ryku: I do not! 

Heathen: You push me to the edge! You make me CRAZY! 

Ryku: I do not! 

Heathen: Ry! You are manipulative and you are a coward when it comes to commitment. 

Ryku: You know that's not true! 

Heathen: Oh it's not! Then why don't you have a women. You decide to talk to five women at the same time. Then I come along and all the sudden I am the one? You are indecisive about love! So when you tell me that you love me! I think it's a lie!

Ryku: How can you say that! You know I love you! You know it's true! 

Heathen: I wish I can say the same and I wish I can believe that you do because you don't show it all! 

Ryku: You are just awful! 

Heathen: Yeah you might want to look in the mirror. 

Ryku: All you want to do is fight! 

Heathen: No! That's all you want to do is fight! 

Ryku: I sacrificed a bunch for you! 

Heathen: You sacrificed nothing!

Ryku: We can't be true, we are the same though. 

Heathen: You are nothing like me! Nothing! 

Ryku: I see you in me! 

Heathen: You say that to everybody! 

Ryku: I swear women you just love to argue! 

Heathen: You missing in action again? Annoucing to everybody you are missing in action! You want me to send the search party after you! 

Ryku: You know how I know when you lie! 

Heathen: How! Ry! Oh wise one Ry! Tell me how! 

Ryku: Because you can't remember it! 

Heathen: I don't like Paza. 

Ryku: What!? 

Heathen: Yeah! I don't like Paza! 

Ryku: Paza is our thing though, you told the sinficicnic one that you loved Paza!

Heathen: When?

Ryku: You lied about that! How could you lie to me! 

Heathen: (chuckles) Oh how does it feel? 

Ryku: I tell you my deep darkest secrets! I tell you everything! 

Heathen: Do you now? That's a lie! 

Ryku: I swear to you! Why can't you see that I love you! Why can't you see that I want to be there for you! 

Heathen: I see it but I see it as pain and misery just following me and bringing me down. 

Ryku: I try to raise you up and you know that! 

Heathen: I am forever dark Ry. I see the light in you. I see mercy and peace. I want war and show no mercy as the people perish in this Zone. 

Ryku: I see the light in you! I see the softness! Hell you have standards! I have no limits! The only thing I hate what you do is cheat, lie, hide and not respond thats it! 

Heathen: (chuckles) You are funny! 

Ryku: That's what you told me when we first met! 

Heathen: I should of never enganged, I blame myself for that. 

     Ryku yells in rage! Then whips out his Lightning Blades and starts to dash towards Heathen but can't bring himself to swing at her as he stops mid way as she looks at him and smiles and then speaks.

Heathen: That's funny. I thought you were going to protect me, looks like you were about to kill me. 

Ryku: (chuckles) You know nothing of me and I continue my projects and I finish my battles unlike you! 

Heathen: Funny, just plain oh funny. 

Ryku: Laugh it up. This going be a long road ahead of us. 

Heathen: I don't want your friendship anymore. 

Ryku: You were the one that wanted it in the first place, telling me I should love you. After our first major battle you apologized to me for like the 50th time and I told you to stop apologizing to me! You falsely comfort me with false hopes. I loved it and now it just burns in my heart as it fades away as wasted glory. 

Heathen: I must of been confused at the time and never knew how this beast would become. 


Heathen: You have no control and you want to act childish through these acts of time! 

Ryku: I chose to act freely as I want to be and the amount of work I put in to make you Queen as made me crazy! You are right! 

Heathen: I never wanted this! 

Ryku: I didn't ask you to be my friend! You asked me to your friend! I never asked you to love me you asked me to LOVE YOU! 

Heathen: We are done here, you should leave me alone! 

Ryku: That's it run like a coward, non responsive coward you are that doesn't face the real tough battles and dodges them like a disloyal no faith tyrant! 

Heathen: How dare you! 

Ryku: Destroy me! 

Heathen: (chuckles) You will destroy yourself! 

[End Of Flashback] 

Scroll 1:7 Ryku Is Awaken! 
Ryku Battles Heathen 



     "I been waiting for this moment since we met. I will destroy you. You won't stand a chance." 
     Praisey finds the magic potion to retrieve Ryku as the Tribe found him in the 'Lost Temple of Doom'. The LTD. The Tribe revive Ryku but he slaughters them all in a horrible death and kills them all, however their souls were retrieved in the Zone of Zones and they decided to separate from Ryku and to journey the power to keep him asleep. 
    Ryku even killed Praisey but she knew the rage in him would of destroyed him when she awoke him. Praisey and Heathen were transferred in a portal to the Lost Temple of Doom where Ryku rest. The Tribe had been teleported by OPZ when Ryku awaken he slaughtered all as Heathen flown away to avoid being killed. Ryku then watched her leave but followed her as she knew Ryku was getting near as she saw the lightning of his force spark to light up the area he was walking through. 


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